Aaron Paul Reveals Sexy New Footage at E3 2013


Hey Mister White, who’s that up on stage? Why it’s actor Aaron Paul, star of the new movie Need for Speed, onstage at E3 2013! And what’s he doing? He’s showing some behind-the-scenes footage from the movie, currently nearing its wrap in Georgia! Let’s watch the video now!! (after the cut)

Forget about those old-fashioned luxury supercars like the Ferrari, this movie pulls out all the stops with hypercars like the Swedish-made Koenigsegg. Need for Speed features plenty of action and a lot of innovative camerawork designed to put the moviegoer in the driver’s seat.

Need for Speed is currently scheduled for release on March 14th of 2014, so until then you’re just going to have to continue playing the videogame!

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