We helped the Bandit outrun Smokey, we fried green tomatoes in a whistlestop cafe and we drove the man who drove Miss Daisy. We taught Vinny’s cousin to eat grits and shared a box of chocolates with a man named Forrest on a shady park bench. We’ve met soldiers and slaves, lovers and dreamers, heroes and villains and once upon a time we knew the coward of the county. You’ve seen our names on the big screen and on that little glowing box in your living room. We’ve fought alongside Costner in war, delighted at Witherspoon in love, sang praises with Cuba in church and like Denzel, we will always remember the Titans.

We are the people of the Georgia Film Industry and we want to share our love of motion picture production with our fellow citizens via a new Special Interest license plate promoting the Georgia film industry. Regardless of whether you make movies or just watch them, there’s no better way to show your support of filmmaking in Georgia than asking your representatives in the Georgia Legislature to vote YES for the Film-GA license plates!


As a rule this site will not provide certain proprietary information about films in production, including: production office numbers, locations of actor/crew accommodations, details of scripts of active productions, or active shooting locations. Maintaining the security of a film set is important to any production and to the continuing goodwill of productions in Georgia.

No Extras Casting Information

Unless specifically prompted by special requests from certain production companies Film Georgia will not provide contact information on extras casting for films, television shows, commercials or independent movies. Extras Casting departments on feature films and television shows can be overwhelmed by outside requests from the general public to work as “background” and we respect the channels these casting departments employ to control the volume of their talent pool. Please be aware that legitimate extras casting agents are almost always directly employed by or contracted with a film’s production company and that they do not charge fees to train people to be extras. If someone informs you that they are a talent agent and attempt to charge you money to work on a film production as an extra you should run in the opposite direction. As a general rule extras are almost always paid directly by a production company. Any other situation may be considered “shady”.

Tyler Doesn’t Work Here

Seriously, folks. Tyler doesn’t work here, yet we continue to receive plenty of marriage proposals, heartwarming letters of praise, and various other communications of love and affection for Atlanta’s celebrated film/television mogul. Until we can secure Mr. Perry (or an entire range of other celebrities for that matter) as a writer for Film-GA.com please allow us to humbly suggest that you look up the proper contact path to those individuals’ representatives and express your thoughts directly to those organizations as it’s actually quite voyeuristic for us to receive such personal notes, plus we have no means of forwarding your information along to the individuals you seek to contact. Thanks! Note that we did not call you “crazy”. Well, not until just then.