Teen Wolf Official Trailer Debuts

Building momentum with its competitive tax incentives and a growing consensus of its long-term viability in the marketplace, Georgia has cemented its reputation as the Mecca for horror-film television series with the pending June 5th debut of MTV’s new dramatic series Teen Wolf (official website). Springing into place beside its spiritual siblings “Vampire Diaries” and “Walking Dead”, the re-imagined world of Teen Wolf will center around a typical teen named Scott whose entire life has been changed after an encounter with a supernatural beast in the wild wood. Directed by Russell Mulcahy (known to sword-wielding nerds everywhere as the Director of the 80s cult classic “Highlander”) this refreshed version of Teen Wolf will look nothing like the 1980s Michael J. Fox comedy by the same title. Shot in blocks of 3 episodes, much of those at night, it’s rumored that the crew of Teen Wolf have a bet with the crew of Vampire Diaries for who has the palest grip!! Great job everyone, we look forward to seeing the results of all your hard work!!

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