X-Men Are Coming to Georgia

X-Men Come to Georgia

After weeks of whispered rumors that a “really big movie already in production over in London” was scouting coastal Georgia, the news has officially broken that the latest installment in the Marvel Comics X-Men franchise, entitled “X-Men : First Class”, should begin filming in Georgia in late 2010. While early reports indicated that Savannah or Tybee Island were likely contenders for a production office, the latest indications are that the production is considering Brunswick as their base of operations and only this evening Film Georgia received indications that this possibility was extremely likely.

While waiting for the proper time to release news of this pending X-Men film production we sought out highly placed nerds at last weekend’s Dragon*Con in an effort to better understand what the newest installment of X-Men might hold in store for audiences.

“The last two movies sucked,” said a rather large young man who archly refused to provide us with any other name than “Lord Mugma” before gliding away to photograph a gaggle of “Wolverettes”.

In a 2009 interview with Empire Online X-Men Producer Lauren Shuler Donner referenced the “First Class” comic book series (a series which explored a series of adventures with various X-Men characters, and which ran from 2006 to 2007) and indicated that the writers and/or the studio considered the “Harry Potter” franchise as a “role model” for this subtle reboot for a series which may have disappointed some fans.

Like our pal “Lord Mugma”.

A synopsis posted to the Internet Movie Database indicates that “First Class” might also concentrate on establishing the back story between the characters of Professor Xavier (previously portrayed by Patrick Stewart) and Magento (performed by Sir Ian McKellen).

Regardless of what shape the upcoming X-Men movie takes or which coastal Georgia communities are selected as shooting locations (or whether the final product satisfies Lord Mugma), we welcome our filmmaking pals from across the pond to Georgia’s fair shores and encourage them to become ridiculously addicted to Brunswick Stew and to our state in general… hope you folks have a BANG UP time here in Georgia!!!

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