Teen Wolf to Challenge Vampires in Atlanta

Teen Wolf The Series (logo)

Have we got some fun news for you!! But first: Have you ever seen the 1985 comedy Teen Wolf? It’s the story of Scott Howard (played by Marty McFly… we mean, Michael J. Fox), a bland high school spud who discovers that he is descended from a long line of Werewolves and suddenly gets all the fame and adoration of his classmates due to his astonishing lycanthropic powers.

Now imagine what would happen if that movie were re-imagined along the vein of the very popular CW series “The Vampire Diaries” and that the pilot episode of this new series were to be produced in Georgia (specifically in the Atlanta area). Well kids, imagine no longer… Film Georgia is happy to announce that the pilot for “Teen Wolf” is a go for Georgia and is in fact at this very moment crewing up! MTV says that the star of the new series will be Tyler Posey, and that the series will be a dramatic comedy.

Set to direct the film is Russell Mulcahy, director of the 1980s cult hit “Highlander”. This won’t be Mulcahy’s first project shot in Georgia, as he shot the Kim Basinger bank heist film “The Real McCoy” in Atlanta in the mid-1990s.

Let’s see… Zombies, Vampires, and now Werewolves? How far off can it be before we see Dr. Frankenstein’s monster having lunch with The Mummy at a local Chick-Fil-A??

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