Farrelly Brothers Give Georgia “Hall Pass”

The Farrelly Brothers

We’ve been aware since late November that the Farrelly brothers (pictured above), famous for comedies like “Dumb & Dumber” and “There’s Something About Mary”, were likely to be bringing a new project to Georgia and yesterday Variety took the news public that “Hall Pass” would begin production in late February (consult the Variety link for details on the premise of the film).

Variety’s article confirmed scuttlebutt that popular comedic actor Owen Wilson would be in the film, adding that Jason Sudeikis will co-star along with Wilson. No news on possible shooting locations yet, and per our standing confidentiality policy we will not publish details about projects in production without authorization from the publicist.

Photocredit : David Shankbone


I have talent that live in GA and that would love to audition for the “Hall Pass” project to begin filming in February. Some would also like to be considered as an extra as well.

Please contact me with any information for me to submit them.

Thank you,


Donna, we appreciate your interest in this information but as a rule we do not share these contact numbers. For everyone’s edification we have updated our About page to reflect our position. For your convenience we’ll paste it here as well:

Unless specifically prompted by special requests from certain production companies Film Georgia will not provide contact information on extras casting for films, television shows, commercials or independent movies. Extras Casting departments on feature films and television shows can be overwhelmed by outside requests from the general public to work as “background” and we respect the channels these casting departments employ to control the volume of their talent pool. Please be aware that legitimate extras casting agents are almost always directly employed by or contracted with a film’s production company and that they do not charge fees to train people to be extras. If someone informs you that they are a talent agent and attempt to charge you money to work on a film production as an extra you should run in the opposite direction. As a general rule extras are almost always paid directly by a production company. Any other situation may be considered “shady”.

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