Ben 10 Alien Swarm Premieres


Earlier this year the downtown streets of Atlanta howled to the sound of motorcycles, race cars and marauding aliens as crews filmed the second live-action movie based on the popular Cartoon Network series Ben 10, the story of a boy who discovers an alien device which allows him to temporarily transform into various alien creatures.

This made-for-cable movie debuts in just two days, Wednesday at 7pm EST, on Cartoon Network and features Ryan Kelley as our hero, Ben Tennyson. During a visit to set this past winter it was quite evident that the crew were in great spirits, despite the chilly nights with constant street wet-downs. The recurring theme was “I hope these guys come back again”.

Ben 10 : Alien Swarm – don’t miss it!! ….. but if you do, its Wikipedia article indicates that the movie will be released for purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray a mere six days after televised premiere!! (no citation provided)

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