Tyler Perry’s Studio Upgrade Snafu

Tyler Perry's Studio Construction Under Investigation

UPDATE: This story has been edited to reflect new information since the time of its original posting. Certain unsubstantiated details have been removed as we’re not in the investigative reports business…. This story has been bouncing around the Atlanta film community for more than a week and enough reports are drifting in from enough different directions that we’ve decided to go ahead and post the current information we have about Tyler Perry‘s studio renovation snafu, which centers around a legal detail called a construction permit (or the lack thereof). While Mr. Perry’s company is likely to face steep fines and construction changes, the bigger impact will surely be on his production schedule.

Last year word spread quickly around town that Mr. Perry, hard on the heels of his growing success as a feature film mogul, made about as canny a property purchase as can be had in Atlanta and snatched up Stageworks, an aging industrial building on Krog Street, near Cabbagetown. This was electrifying news for Atlanta’s professional filmcrews because they knew it meant increased work. For years Stageworks has been a “go to” location for commercials and feature films as it is one of the only facilities in the Atlanta area that begins to meet the requirements of a true soundstage. Tyler’s purchase signaled that he was in the film and television business for the long run.

Soon after his acquisition of the property, Tyler began a rapid renovation to prepare the space for his crowded 2007 schedule. Multiple sitcoms, multiple features. The place was going to be hopping.

Longtime tenants of Stageworks, the NAMES Project, keepers of the AIDs Quilt, were removed to an off-site facility which housed Mr. Perry’s company prior to his film success. Anticipated in the expansion were an additional soundstage and a new theater space.

Unfortunately, during the height of the major renovations, Mr. Perry’s company is alleged to have failed to obtain work permits from the City of Atlanta and reports from people who had been inside the facility indicate that, permits aside, there were potentially many fundamental code issues with the renovation. Construction drawings seem to have moved directly from a production designer’s pen to the construction department’s tablesaws with no architect of record in sight and as a result materials coded specifically for commercial facilities may not have been used.

While our favorite film mogul comes to terms with the City of Atlanta he finds himself unable to use the space he needs so badly. Crew are not allowed to inhabit at least one of the stages and many have been moved off-site during the prep for his next sitcom. Tongues are wagging and heads are shaking, but nobody is taking pleasure in Mr. Perry’s predicament because he remains a potential powerhouse of production for years to come.

No word yet on the possibility of a postponement of the star-studded grand opening gala for a Tyler Perry branded studio, originally scheduled for early February. Perhaps the City of Atlanta will work with Mr. Perry to ensure that he is able to host the rumored list of famous invitees (people like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton) as it would certainly be a grand shot in the arm for filmmaking in Georgia!


We at Scenario Custom scenery have recently built a sound stage on our property at 1314 Murphy Avenue. With plenty of parking, 8′ fence, electronic gates, dock-high and ground level load-in, if a certain film mogul needs a place to spread out, he is welcome to come check us out. In addition to sound stage we have a green room and office space. It’s not as big as PC&E’s small stage but it has a reasonable rate.

It’s unlikely that Tyler’s production company has time to allow tours of their facilities at this point in time because they’re so busy with productions and are still making upgrades to the building. At some point in the future one might expect for them to provide tours as it would certainly be appreciated by fans of his films and would provide good press. Still, you might approach Tyler’s production company about this idea. Perhaps one of the people who work on his productions might respond to this question.

Who is Tyler’s production company? Who would I talk to about interning – I am a University Miami Music Entertainment major.

I am going to be in Atlanta Sept.20-23 2007.I was wandering will the studio be up for tour at this time ?If so will there be a fee to tour this place.Hope all is well with Tyler Perry at this time. A true fan

We must support Tyler in every way possible. As a local actor and screenwriter who refuses to move to L A we need someone or something to ressurect film making in Georgia. We once were the top dogs for movie making outside of Hollywood but now we are not even on their radar. God has blessed Tyler and it is for a reason–we have tremendous untapped talent here locally and it is time we got a chance to prove it- Amen!

I Know Tyler’s a busy man…. But I Know for a fact that he recieved a copy of my script while he was in Charleston S.C……You can’t run Mr.Perry! I know what you’ve been through! I’ve already done a few stageplays, wrote a book….I can be a star in your company……Just remember the name……DR.MAN!!!!!!

Good afternoon Tyler, my son is an actor and I am trying to fine him an agent. He is a great kid.I don’t brag on my child I let other people brag about him. If you can just give him a chance and let us know when you have an audition comming up for teen, I’m moore than greatful that you gave him the opportunity to audition. Thank you for taking the time out reading my comment and we do love your shows and have a bless week. Thanks again

Dear Mr. Perry: I am an excellent writer and I have one play and one book I would like to get to you. Please give me the address where I can send to you. The pieces are like no other. Trust me. Please contact me. Your sister in christ, Linda Lee Murrell.

Hello Mr. Perry i do not live in America or its environ but i do like your shows the one that had me looking over my life is why did i get married, there are many practical ideas i got from watching that show and i can’t tell you the countless times i have watched it. I don’t watch movies most times because they are violent or the curse words they are disgusting which are in most of these shows. Thumbs up! that was brilliant. love you. Your number 1 Jamaican fan

I have an uplifting script I would love for you to read. I am currently incarcerated but have turned my life around, received my AA in Business with the support and assistance of my Mom who has stood by me. My release date is October 2008 and I want to pursue a career in writing movies. My plan is to attend school in Atlanta. My script has all the elements of overcoming diversity, family values, dealing with teen pressures as a young black girl in school by returning to a long suppressed passion she’s had all her life, something she swore she’d never have the desire to do again. I would hope to be able to get a copy to you for review. Regards

Dear Tyler,

Me and my son are coming to Atlanta in August we wanted to get a tour of your studio. Can you please send me some information on what I would have to do to get a tour.
Thank you very much

Hy mr perry, this is Anthony and im not claiming to be a writer but i got something that is hot that hes been overlooked by hollywood its could mean millions of dollars . you are the only one that i can think of that can make it happen please dont overlook this if you want it ill will send it to you trust me its not been though of we could make history and a boat load of money

Gretings Mr. Perry—-I am fishing for information on plays and movies. You said in one of yur movis at the end that you would not help anyone that was not trying to help themselves. I thinks thats awesome. What I need is information because I am trying to help myself… I guess I am not th only one that want to make a difference and don’t know how. My husband died of aids in 1993 and I found out 4 months before he died by accident. The things I went through are devastating. The doctors and nurses were nto going to tell me anything. A play or movie even would be more aids information for people. And I don’t mind my story being used. I want people to know what can happen –what did happen. Can you help?

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